101 Things To Do
Chicago Magazine

Published December 1, 2003

From glass blowing to blending perfume; from luxuriating in the grandest restaurant seats in the city to making friends in the tiniest dive; from basking in lava mud to bashing a golf ball — here's a thick portfolio of adventures and pleasures (for indoors and out, for the pampered and the pumped) to drive away the winter doldrums.

The ribs at Twin Anchors® are remarkable but the famous clientele is a draw, too. Drive the hostess crazy by requesting these seats:

  • Booth 5, a half-moon facing the bar near the beer taps, where Minnie Driver sat in the 2000 movie, Return To Me.
  • Booth 7, where Sinatra sat with his back against the wall.
  • Booth 5 again. When Belushi and Aykroyd were filming The Blues Brothers, they chowed down here. "They weren't actually eating with their sunglasses on, but they did have the suits on," says the owner, Paul Tuzi.