Bonnie Hunt Rolls Out The Welcome Mat In Chicago
The Comically Gifted Star of ABC's Life With Bonnie Shows Us Around Her Happenin Town
by Mark Seal

Published in American Way Magazine September 15, 2003

There's no doubt about the origins of Bonnie Hunt. All you have to is catch her sitcom, Life With Bonnie, where she juggles the roles of wife, mother, and host of the talk show Morning Chicago, and it's clear that she's from the Windy City. We asked her to tell us some of her favorite haunts and hangouts.

WHERE WOULD YOU SEND US ON A SATURDAY NIGHT? "I've been going to the Twin Anchors® for years. It's family owned and run. We were fortunate enough to film Return To Me at Twin Anchors®. It's a Chicago staple, a warm, cozy, always-packed bar with delicious barbecued ribs and burgers."