True Connector

Daniel Porter
Glen Ellyn, IL

My buddy Tony from Sanwa is my go to guy for all the scoop on the "where it's at" "scene a be seen" right? - so, hey, Tony - where does a guy go out in Chicago for a nice first date? - Carsons? The Drake? Bub City?, no Danny - no, the Best place in the city......"have you heard of Twin Anchors?" - I reply, "twin what?" "Twin Anchors" - no clue. Alright, I'll take her there - I trust you Tony. "you're my boy Danny - have fun" My Italian gf is going to be treated right!

A couple cabs later that night after looking for Twin Anchors and finally walking into this teeny tiny little "speak easy" of sorts, the crowded, bustling city eatery was AMAZING! Forget the fact that we were squeezed in between two 4 tops, our table for two was right out of "Lady & the Tramp". And that my friends, set the stage for the rest of my life in the Second, third or forth city.....the Best City in this world. Chicago - WGN - cbot/cme - Twin Anchors. HOLY COW!

Our first restaurant after High School

Jack La Brasca
Palatine, IL

After High school, we had jobs and our first real paychecks. Living just south of Twin Anchors, we finally were able to pay for a great rib meal. With one of our friends behind the bar, Gus Johns, we were always welcomed at the Twin Anchors. The TA was not popular beyond the Old Town area, but we knew the Ribs and Rye bread were something special.

Today, we drive from distant suburbs to dine at the place first served us (60 years ago)... Sinatra had good taste in music and Twin Anchor Ribs. Hope it stays open for generations to come. We miss St. Michael High School and the Plaza Theatre, so we appreciate that our child hood places remain. 


Dennis Dalton
St Louis, MO

I grew up close to Twin Anchors...attended St Michael's Grade and High Schools. I used to walk to TA for carry out ribs when they were $3-4 a slab. 

Back in the early 1980's I returned to Chicago for an annual Trade Convention and suggested to some friends, who were in attendance with me, that we try an old favorite of mine for dinner. Five of us walked into TA on a Friday night in February, waited 90 minutes for a table and a tradition was born. Over the years, the word spread. One year we marched in with 23 folks. Clients and friends didn't even to bother to invite me as the years passed. They just went in their own little groups.

In the late 90's I invited a new client to dinner and asked what he had a "taste" for. He said he had the best ribs he'd ever had last year at a place called Twin Anchors and asked if I had ever heard of it. I told him that I had.

Thanks for the memories and many years of fantastic tastes.

I remember...

Bob Zuley
Chicago, IL

Been coming to Twin Anchors with my family since the late 70s when i was a kid. I remember when i was old enough to eat a full slab. And the Grolsch beer they had back then (i got the empty bottle).

Looks the same today. Same great ribs, service and ambiance. I think of my parents who loved Twin Anchors when i go there. Not only great ribs but best chili in the city.