Tartar Sauce

Fran S.
Chicago, IL

In 1969 my husband and I moved to Chicago from New York City and found an apartment in a typical “Chicago cottage” on Eugenie Street. Our first shock was the early hours restaurants kept. No more 2am corned beef sandwiches. However, we soon discovered Twin Anchors, our neighborhood restaurant. We often dropped in for dinner and my husband, a native of the North Shore of Boston, frequently ordered shrimp, while I enjoyed Twin Anchors famous ribs. Being a New Englander, he preferred his shrimp with tartar sauce, which Twin Anchors didn’t have. Our favorite waitress, Mary, saved us. “Honey”, she said to my husband, “just bring me a jar and I’ll keep it in the kitchen for you.” And that’s exactly what we did. For the next 5 years, until we had a baby and moved to Lincoln Park, my husband had his private stock of tartar sauce whenever he ordered Twin Anchors shrimp. Thanks for the memories, Mary.

Memories from 1959

Carolyn P.
Walnut Creek, CA

After graduating from college in 1959, I rented first floor of a house at 215 Eugenie with 4 girlfriends, I lived in Old Town and Near North Area for 5 years before I married. Twin Anchors was already well known then and we would go there if we had money to eat out . I met my husband in The Old Town Pump on Wells St and we went to Twin Anchors together several times. These were wonderful times for all of us and just the beginning of women’s freedom to live life on their own and progress in a career.

Celebrating a Birthday

Karen R.
Wood Dale, IL

Went to Twin Anchors Restaurant in Old Town tonight for first time. Can't say enough good things about this place and all the wonderful people who work there! Our waitress was absolutely terrific, as were the hostesses and all the people who we encountered who worked there!

Even the other patrons were great. One table of men who come every year proposed a lovely toast to everyone in the new year. Found this very heartwarming.

Food was very good and atmosphere great - so happy to have finally gotten there! This place was featured in the Chicago based movie from 2000, "Return to Me"- a favorite of mine and my daughter's, whose birthday we were celebrating with her 3 boys. I hadn't been to the Old Town area since I was in HS in late 60's. Happy to recommend your unique restaurant to everyone who is looking for a great dining experience.

Thank you all for making this celebration even more special!