The last supper

Jerry Krygowski
Dearborn Heights MI

In 1979 I graduated from boot camp at Great Lakes. My aunt Roe and uncle Mike who resided in Evanston too my family and theirs to your restaurant for one of the best nights of my life. The food was outstanding and the drinks were flowing and your staff was wonderful for our group of about 20.

I'll be in the area tomorrow with my daughter for my birthday and Christmas gift which is a visit to Chicago for four days. We hope to be there for dinner tomorrow. Jut the two of us and am looking forward to some great ribs. Just me and my wonderful daughter who I love so much. Hope to see you tomorrow. RIP aunt Roe. Thanks. Jerry Krygowski And daughter Lindsay.

In the 60s

Cal Miller
Melbourne, Australia

I grew up in Chicago but have lived overseas for the past 44 years. Last week, I was watching that old movie "Return to Me", and noticed the street signs outside O'Reilly's Italian Restaurant: Eugene and Sedgwick. I thought, "Hmmm, that looks familiar" so I googled it, and lo and behold, that's Twin Anchors! My old stomping grounds.

In the 1960s and early 70s, I visited Twin Anchors many, many times with friends. Twin Anchors is truly one of Chicago's greatest restaurants. We ordered only ribs and beer, and sometimes we even ordered another serve of ribs...I confess my gluttony, but the ribs were so superb. We had many an evening of good cheer and the finest food. Particularly on a freezing winter evening, Twin Anchors was a warm and welcoming oasis. Those were the days, my friend. Best wishes to all of Twin Anchors staff and patrons.

First Drink

Steve Gerke
Crystal Lake, IL

My mother grew up in old town. She lived on west Eugenie less than a block from Twin Anchors. She had her first drink ever at your bar. She was 18 in 1950. Her name is Gloria Gerke née Untinen, Over the years when she was alive my parents often brought our family to Twin Ancors for your RIBS and coleslaw. She had many friends that she kept in contact with that still lived there. Some on Cleveland ave. The Skowronskis was one of the families (And Mitch worked at Twin anchors). Some on Sedgwick. Any way she often talked about your fine restaurant and I remember it well. By the way. My mothers sister Jean also had her first beer at Twin Anchors. Her name then was Jean Untinen. After she got married she became Jean Auel and moved to Portland Oregon. She became a world famous author. Clan of the Cave Bear was her first novel 

Long time ago

Bill Willard
Albuquerque NM

My mother was a waitress here back in the early sixties. When I was 15 I started washing dishes in the summer. It was always a fun place to work.

I'm now 61 and living in New Mexico. My wife and I recently took a road trip that took us to Chicago. We had dinner with my nephew and his girlfriend at Twin Anchors. I mentioned to our waitress that I had washed dishes there 45yrs ago.

As I was leaving I asked to buy a t-shirt. The hostess came out with shirt and I asked how much. She said no charge to employees. Very nice. PS food was excellent.