The new girl

Thomas M.
Terre Haute, IN

I grew up on Sedgwick. Before 1932, there was no place for all the guys in the neighborhood except for the Candy Store. I remember when Bob Walters opened Twin Anchors. I was a teenager, and it became our hangout. There was no better place to go after a baseball game than Twin Anchors for a cold beer and a stack of ribs. It was our place to spend Saturday afternoons, playing cards, talking about sports, and lying about girls.

Then came the war. Those of us who came back - some with wives - would still meet at Twin Anchors. I was a young Air Corps lieutenant, when one Saturday I noticed a cute new girl who came in. The wife of one of the guys was having a birthday party, and we were going from Twin Anchors to a club for a show - a group called the Little People. We tried to get the girl and her sister to join us, but they claimed they had other plans.

Imagine our surprise when they showed up at the club.

The "cute new girl at Twin Anchors" and I celebrated our 60th anniversary in September.