Tweeun Ankurs

My Story (No Kidding!):  It's kind of bizzarre.  My red neck Oklahoma relatives were coming to Chicago for a fun weekend--coming from the "Rib Capital of the World", jut outside of Broken Arrow.  They said they wanted to eat something they don't get much down there:  "How about some Chinese?"  I said, "No way, we're going to get us some ribs better'n than those in the South!  They couldn't believe it, but I took them to the Twin Anchors (Tweeun Ankurs to them.)  Well, they all ate more than Frank Sinatra could ever have pulled down, and I had to pay the bill!  Every time they come back, they demand the "Tweeun Ankurs" and I take them--with the understanding in advance that I don't foot the bill anymore!