Twin Anchors, golf, and a bachelor party

On March 16, 1985 a group of north side friends calling themselves The Royal and Ancient Golf and Barojas (beer) Club of Lincoln Park met at Twins Anchors to start a bachelor's party for one of the members. It so happened to be St. Patrick's Day and our group of plastic golf club wielding revelers drew the attention of a Channel 2 news crew as we ate ribs and drank beer at Twin Anchors.  After giving interviews and finishing a fine meal, we headed out, score cards and clubs in hand, to our limos for nine holes (bars) of partying.  The Cubby Bear, Murphy's, Everleigh Club, Four Farthings, The Billy Goat, Kronies, Marge's, Glascots, and Hole No. 8, Houlihan's (where we were denied service and kindly asked to leave).  I don't remember anything after that.  What was really interesting was that after about 10:00 PM our arrival at bars was no surprise (apparently people do watch the 10:00 news).  We would show up and people would pour out of the establishment like the Beatles had just arrived.  Anyway, it was quite a night and we would not have started anywhere else than our favorite place for ribs and beer.  By the way, I still have the invitation, scorecard and rule book from this classic.  I think I might even be able to find the tape of the news with us at Twin Anchors.  I don't get down to the city much anymore but yesterday we dropped our daughter off at the House of Blues and my wife suggested we stop at Twin Anchors. What memories and what a treat!  Thankfully some things never change.  However, I'm almost 50 now and I don't think I would try what we did in 1985!