"Twin A's"

Leigh Bottiger
Chicago, IL

Twin Anchors, or "Twin A's" as my friends and I fondly refer to the local establishment, has been an important part of my Chicago experience and a tradition for many occasions. This was one of the first restaurants I visited before moving to Chicago. In town for business, colleagues introduced me to my soon to be favorite bbq in the city. Coming from KC, land of bbq, I was excited to have my fix at Twin Anchors. My roommates were waitresses here, we celebrated many birthdays and pinter nites at the bar (living down the street). I had my first date with my fiance at Twin Anchors, June 2004. He is an avid triathalete and our tradition is to come to "Twin A's" after all the races. Friends have come and gone in the city but Twin Anchors is one of the constants in my Chicago life. Ordering the fulled pork, fries, extra crispy always makes me feel at home. And oh yes, positively no dancing ;-)!! Happy 75th Anniversary!