My Dad Helped Develop the Recipe for the Mild Sauce in the 1940s

Mine is really a family story:  One slow Saturday afternoon in the 40's, my father, Jimmy Pierce, was sitting at the bar, probably nursing a cold draft beer.  Mrs. Walters told my father she was not happy with the ribs--they were VERY good, but she thought they could be better.  My father, who was a food manager for B.A. Railton, asked for paper and a pen.  The story goes that he then created and wrote down the recipe for the mild sauce.  Today, I think the zesty is more popular, but for years, the mild was the only sauce.

As I sit at this bar, now empty on an early Sunday evening, I can see each of the "regulars", the neighbors and family who shaped my life.  Twin Anchors will always be a special place for me.