Runaway Bride

I started going to the Twin Anchors in 1972 for great ribs and 25 cent drafts and I brought my kids from the time they were babies.  In 1999 my daughter's softball team won the Menonomonee Club championship.  I was the coach and decided to take the whole team to the Twin Anchors to celebrate.  The girls were having a great time and enjoying the burgers and barbequed pork sandwich when a bride (in full bridal attire) and 5 bridesmaids (also in full brides maids attire) showed up at the bar.

After a few beers, the bride headed to the ladies room.  As you know, the stalls are fairly narrow and I could hear (from the table immediately adjacent) that she was struggling with the gown and the stall.  I went in to help--she  and I laughed--and she took care of business.  She offered to buy me a beer, I accepted, and the girls and I joined the bridal party. After a second beer, I asked her what time she was getting married.  She asked me what time it was and when I told her, she yelled, "Holy Shit, we're late!"  They took off, dropping money on the bar, and went screaming out the door to St. Mikes.  I'll never forget the image of the six of them flying down the step.  What a great way to start a marriage.