Ate On the House

My name is Andrew Scala. I started coming to Twin Anchors sometime back in the 1970's.  I was working for the Chicago Water Department.  In the summer, we worked a lot of overtime shutting off fire hydrants in Old Town, Cabrini Greene and surrounding areas.  One night around 12 a.m., we were shutting down a hydrant on Eugenie and Sedgwick, needless to say when we were finished my crew was starving!  I knocked on the side door of Twin Anchors and asked if they were still serving, pretty much sure they were not.  The owner answered and told me they were closed but that he would make an exception for us.  He actually fed us on the house, all the guys including myself loved the ribs, and we couldn't get enough!

Until this day my family and I still come from the suburbs on a regular basis to eat the best ribs in Chicago.  This is my most memorable Twin Anchors moment.  Thank you.