First Date

As a Brit I had just moved to Chicago from Bermuda where I had been for 4 years. Not long after arriving I met a local girl who lived nearby on Cleveland Ave. She had raved on many times about The Twin Anchors, that I invited her there for our first date. Being new, she recommended I had the Ribs with zesty sauce whilst she would just have the Grilled cheese (cheap date I thought) until upon ordering she asked for the Fillet Steak!!!! I should have realised that she was never going to be cheap, 20 yrs on with 3 daughters I know that is not true... Anyway this August we came back to Chicago with our 3 girls and visited the "Twined one." where for the 2 years I lived in Chicago I had eaten many times. The ribs I am pleased to say were as good as they have always been. Here's to the next 75 years.........

Jennifer Buchanan

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