Fond Memories

Growing up on Sedgwick St. just a few doors from Twins, and my dad, Frank Gerambia being a bartender there are many memories.

1) It was a Friday night and when I arrived at Twins, I saw several limos out front and couldn't understand what was going on.  When I entered I found out in a real hurry.  Yep, it was him in real life. Frank Sinatra and party eating ribs.  Boy, it was special.  After he finished dinner, he was kind enough to pose for pictures and sign autographs. I cherish it to this day!

2) Being good friends with Chris and Fran Gard, one night they needed help in the kitchen, so there I was making fries all night! What a good time.

3) On our wedding day, Jan. 12, 1985 at St. Mike's, when I got to the altar and my husband to be looked at me and smiled, I could smell alcohol.  I asked me where he was and he told me Twin Anchors.  His best man had taken him there before church and when the bartender found out he was marrying Frank Gerambia's daughter, they were toasting him.

Many Many good times, even a New Year's Eve party one year, and yes we danced!