hey teacher! NO DANCING

As a child my dad use to go to Twin Anchors after every Bears game. He passed that tradition on to me by taking me there after any and all pro games. So as young kid i would be there with all his buddies aka "the guys" & learned the drill of a long wait in the bar where they would have a lot of fun, & i would have to "patiently" wait till we got called to go eat the best ribs in chi-town (by patiently i mean i would run around in between legs all of the "spirited" people waiting for tables & laugh when they would get in trouble for dancing).  The best time i had waiting was when i saw my 2nd grade teacher there, she had been waiting for awhile & was having quite a "good time" herself.  In fact she even started dancing, & that's when a waitress let her have it, & what better time to jump out & surprise your teacher (at a bar) than right after getting yelled at. i also thought it was a great time to try & scold her for such a rookie mistake as even I knew that there is POSITIVELY no dancing .. needless to say thanks to twin anchors i didn't get in any trouble for the rest of that school year as long as i kept my mouth shut about her actions over the weekend. (looking back now i realize she was just out of college & having a great time like everyone else does while waiting to get sat there).

later on after i was out of college i moved to north & sedgwick & got a parking pass & visitor passes for the twin anchors neighborhood. i think my dad was more proud about that than me actually graduating.

i now have two daughters & have passed on the tradition with them as well. although one of them is only 3 months old , but she has already been to eat at twin anchors twice (but no zesty for her) and my 2 year old has eaten there at least 10 times.  the last time we took her there, we saw her daycare teacher (after hours, & "having fun" while waiting for a table) and i couldn't help but laugh as how history repeats itself.

thanks for never changing!!! & serving the best ribs around