I Would Eat 2 Slabs When Pregnant

I have been enjoying Twin Anchors for years.  Used to live on Belden and walk, eat in, order out.  The good story is when pregnant in 1993-1994, I would come in and order two slabs, eat every rib and never stopped loving them.  My daughter, now 12, loves this place.  We come here often from the burbs, celebrate her birthday and every "old friends", "visiting friends" occasion here.  She and I have converted her dad to love your ribs and he brings them home at least once a month.  (He didn't eat pork.)  Your staff has watched Chloe grow up.  Arnie is always our friend here!  Toady, for the first time in 12 years, Chloe has decided to cut the succulent meat off their bones herself!