Love at Twin Anchors!

Gene Helfric
Northbrook, IL

Today, July 20, my wife and I celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary.  We choose to spend it at Twin Anchors each year because that was the sight of our first date, the beginning of a journey far from ordinary.

I was widowed in November of 1984 and was left to raise two small boys ages 6 and 2 on my own.  For nearly a year, I had to leave work early, pick the boys up from school, and do all of the chores that are required to run a household smoothly.  The cooking, cleaning, and child care were a full time job and I struggled to fulfill my responsibilities at work and at the same time be a good dad, not to mention the grief that I was trying to deal with in loosing a woman to leukemia who was my joy and my life.  Following a short hiatus from socializing at all, I remembered a woman, a colleague of my father's at work, whom I had met many years before at my dad's while he was trying to set her up with my older brother.  I remember thinking how nice and attractive she was, so to have some time to socialize with an adult, I called her.  She suggested that we meet at this nice, little neighborhood restaurant down the street for ribs, my favorite meal.  I picked her up at Americana Towers and we walked the short distance to Twin Anchors on a gorgeous night, much like tonight.  There, we sat at the first booth by the door and spent almost three hours talking, eating, and getting re-acquainted with each other.  She had never been married and had been through some very difficult relationships but nevertheless, she was the real deal.  I remember thinking what a perfect place this was for us to have a first date - it was loud, music was playing, and the neighborhood atmosphere and great food led to an easy conversation.  Needless to say, one thing led to another, and on July 20, 1986, Chris and I were married at St. Michael's Church nearby.  We talk about our first date often and Twin Anchors will always be the most special restaurant of all to us.  We both found our soulmates and provided each other with a lifetime of memories, raising three wonderful sons and having the time of our lives doing it.  Thank you, Twin Anchors, for giving us the perfect climate to begin a fantastic journey through life. Each year on July 20, we sit at that first booth and renew our love for you and for each other by eating ribs, reminiscing, and laughing a lot.