My wife loves chic flics

I'm orginally from Chicago, currently living in Kaukauna Wisconsin, 20 minutes south of Green Bay. My wife loves the movie "Return To Me". When she had me watch this movie with her and I saw the resturaunt on the movie, I knew exactly where it was. So as a nice surprise for her, I took her and my stepson there after a White Sox game. 
When she realized where we were, she almost in tears. It meant so much that she got to be in the place where her favorite movie was filmed. Of needing to appease my 22 year old stepson, explained to him that a scene of "The Dark Kight" was filmed there, everyone was happy. I've become her hero just for taking her there. We even have our picture sitting in the booth where one scene was filmed. Our waitress was nice enough to take the picture for us after my wife had explained how much of a sap she is about the movie being done there. 
To top it off, the service and food was beyond great, it's become a must anytime I bring the family home to Chicago. We live for Prohibition Sauce and try to purchase a bottle when we come in. I don't think I could say enough good about Twin Anchors and our experiences each time we've been there. Can't wait to come in again for Chicken and Ribs Combo with Prohibition Sauce. 

And since I live in Green Bay area, GO BEARS!!!!