Five-Year Old Daughter Eats a Whole Slab

Tony LaPorta
St. Petersburg, Florida

Born and raised on the south side, I found Twin Anchors around 1976.  In 2000, I brought the whole family (6) back to Chicago from Minnesota for ribs.  Ribs were my youngest daughters favorite.  She ate a whole slab at five years of age.  At the age of 19 she still insists on Twin Anchors when we come to Chicago.  At the age of 58, I sometimes come to Chicago without the family.  I NEVER come to Chicago and miss a visit to Twin Anchors.  Due to eating ribs in other establishments around the world, I have learned to just quit being disappointed and wait until I get to Chicago for Twin Anchor's ribs.  

See you this summer,

Tony LaPorta     

Jennifer Buchanan

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