Growing Up

Patrick Twohey
Geneva, Illinois

My Mom and Dad lived in the apartment upstairs from Twin Anchors when I was born in 1958.  When we came home form the hospital my Dad made my Mom show me to everybody there and the cooks too.  My Dad was good friends with the owner Phil.  Phil would be at our apartment every week for cards with the guys.  I was the beer runner and I remember all the smoke from some of them smoking.  I was probably 5 then.  We would go in every Sunday morning and me and my sister would play the bowling game with the saw dust on it.  It was to the right of the door when you walk in back then.  Can't forget the Hamms beer sign with the lights bouncing up and down.  After that we would go down the street to a guy who had a bird shop, it seemed in his basement of his house.  Great memories.