Growing up early

Herman "Butch" Rudolph
Naples, FL

I probably should not be telling this story, but here goes; In1965 my best friend and I went in Twin Anchors to see if we could get a drink. We were sixteen at the time and wanted to see if we could sit at the bar and order a beer. I played football so I was big for my age. We sat at the bar and ordered a beer. The bartender looked at us and asked if we were old enough to drink. I told him I had my driver's license, and he said don't bother, and brought us two beers. After that first visit we went there every week and became "regulars". We graduated to shots and a beer, but the shots were of blackberry brandy. We could handle the taste of that. We sat among all the other regulars at the bar from business men to construction workers. Ordering the ribs one night, was like a dream come true. Here was a place we could drink, talk with and make friends with others, and have the best ribs. I'll be back next week when I'm back in Chicago.