My Dad Always Took Us To Twin Anchors

Yvonne Longenecker

My name is Yvonne Longenecker maiden is Horvath

I can remember my dad loved the ribs, he took us there a whole lot & I am 66 yrs.old now & I am still going to eat the ribs, my dad would take his mom, brothers & family when they would come from Cleveland Ohio! They loved it!

I turned on many of my cousins & family to Twin Anchors. I also been going to St.Michaels church from a child went to the school many a years ago! When I got married in church we took our ppl in the wedding to eat at Twin Anchors.

My friends took me for my birthday to have the ribs a few times one time we waited like 3 hrs. But it was worth it!

My birthday is in July & I was away this year at that time so we are going today to celebrate 11/08/2015. I know I & they will enjoy the food! 

Luvin Twin Anchors Food