My first visit to Twin Anchors

Bob Grotto
Tuckahoe, New York Formerly from Roseland

My college buddy - Dr. Mike Raymond - was tending bar at Twin Anchors in 1979 while he went to medical school. He invited our mutual friend Rich Shorey, our wives Deena and Sandy and I to have drinks there. We went out to dinner at Harvey's on the South Side and I stuffed myself. Afterwards we drove up to see Mike. While sitting at the bar, he said "you've got to try the ribs here". I told him I was stuffed and begged off 4 or 5 times. He went to the kitchen and came out with a gigantic rack of baby backs with "zesty sauce" (gotta be zesty). I called him all kinds of obscenities and then forced a rib into my mouth. I then slowing covered the plate with my arms and refused to let anyone else near the ribs. Ate the whole damn rack and come back every time I'm in ChiTown. See you May 4th. I'm already salivating!!