True Connector

Daniel Porter
Glen Ellyn, IL

My buddy Tony from Sanwa is my go to guy for all the scoop on the "where it's at" "scene a be seen" right? - so, hey, Tony - where does a guy go out in Chicago for a nice first date? - Carsons? The Drake? Bub City?, no Danny - no, the Best place in the city......"have you heard of Twin Anchors?" - I reply, "twin what?" "Twin Anchors" - no clue. Alright, I'll take her there - I trust you Tony. "you're my boy Danny - have fun" My Italian gf is going to be treated right!

A couple cabs later that night after looking for Twin Anchors and finally walking into this teeny tiny little "speak easy" of sorts, the crowded, bustling city eatery was AMAZING! Forget the fact that we were squeezed in between two 4 tops, our table for two was right out of "Lady & the Tramp". And that my friends, set the stage for the rest of my life in the Second, third or forth city.....the Best City in this world. Chicago - WGN - cbot/cme - Twin Anchors. HOLY COW!