Ribs and Boat Show memories

David Browne
Clinton, OH

Over the past 15 years, my dad, brother and I would attend the sailboat show in Chicago at the Navy Pier. On our 2nd trip to the show, a friend of my dad's took us to Twin Anchors for the first time. We were all hooked from there on.

Over the years, its just me going to the boat show now, but I still have a full rack of zesty ribs when I am in town. I have taken my family there many times and have turned your restaurant onto many friends . Thank you so much for the great memories and fine food over the years. See you again soon. 

The last supper

Jerry Krygowski
Dearborn Heights MI

In 1979 I graduated from boot camp at Great Lakes. My aunt Roe and uncle Mike who resided in Evanston too my family and theirs to your restaurant for one of the best nights of my life. The food was outstanding and the drinks were flowing and your staff was wonderful for our group of about 20.

I'll be in the area tomorrow with my daughter for my birthday and Christmas gift which is a visit to Chicago for four days. We hope to be there for dinner tomorrow. Jut the two of us and am looking forward to some great ribs. Just me and my wonderful daughter who I love so much. Hope to see you tomorrow. RIP aunt Roe. Thanks. Jerry Krygowski And daughter Lindsay.